Do you feel restricted by the graphical options for your wedding?
Your Something Blue is your answer. We offer custom and semi-custom websites to suit your personality as well as custom solutions for your other graphical wedding needs.
You are a unique bride. You have put so much effort selecting the perfect location, the perfect dress, the perfect flowers, the perfect cake...Don't settle for those structured, impersonal websites to detail the wedding events and details. Make your wedding special and let your guests know it. Invite them to the vision of your event before the day and let them see it through your eyes.
Customize your registry in one place, emphasizing what you would like most and list registries that are not currently on the web. Offer custom maps that only highlight the locations for the events rather than a link to a generic map. List events in advance with links to locations details. List more than hotels, but restaurants and events for guests to reserve independently to make a weekend of your event. Show custom maps of locations beyond just your ceremony or reception. Direct guests to your favorite charities.
Concerned for the environment?
Choose to let your friends know that the environment does matter to you.
Invite them to your wedding virtually! Send save the date, invitations, event listings, hotel information via email.
Go Green and send everything online. Learn more
Wouldn't it be nice to have a graphical map to the wedding and reception in the colors of your wedding highlighting only the key locations your guests need to know?
Need a graphical element as a them to use throughout the event? A starfish for a beach wedding? A palm tree for a destination wedding? Let us create the element for you to use.
Would you like a register in places that don't have online wedding registries? You need a custom registry.
Something else? Just ask. Learn more
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