Are you concerned for the environment and do not want to kill so many trees with the dozen printed items per guest the average wedding produces? Worried about the impact of the chemicals to the environment? Consider the impact of shipping your many pieces of mail to each guest through diesel trucking and aircraft?
Your Something Blue is your answer. Choose to let your friends know that the environment does matter to you without sacrificing style. Invite them to your wedding virtually! Send save the date, invitations, event listings, hotel information via email.
We offer custom and semi-custom graphics which can be sent via email or the web to notify your guests of your impending nuptials, events before during and after the wedding as well as registry information, travel and hotel details, as well as additional information for those unfamiliar with the location.
Concerned it will not be beautiful? Leave that to us! We can use your colors, location and theme or create one for your wedding and your website and virtual notifications and invitations will reflect your style.
Haven't embraced the idea fully? Don't worry,
we can print any items you need, in full or in part.
Contact us for more information.
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